How to remove odor from fabric sofa?

As a representative of fashion homes, fabric sofas have become the most commonly purchased furniture for modern families, because its price is relatively low compared to leather sofas and wooden sofas. Due to its diverse production styles, its western color-collection style has attracted many young people. However, the material of the fabric sofa is special, which is prone to odor. What causes the fabric sofa to easily produce odor?

1. Some fabrics on the surface of the sofa have formaldehyde remaining due to the use of printing and dyeing auxiliaries in the processing process, and fabric sofas have the characteristics of adsorbing pollution in the surrounding air, and there will be polluting odors.

2. The formaldehyde mainly comes from the urea-formaldehyde resin glue in the artificial board, and the panels inside the fabric sofa are mostly exposed man-made boards. These boards release formaldehyde for a long time, usually the release period is 3-15 years. This part of the board mostly exists under the sofa cushion, sofa back and armrest, etc. You can open the sofa to take a look and knock, to identify the material of the board.

Fabric sofas have a smell because of the material, so you must remove the odor from the sofa you just bought. So, how to remove the odor from the cloth sofa?

1. You can put a few pineapples in the room where the cloth sofa is placed. Pineapples are attributed to crude fiber fruits. It can absorb the smell of paint and speed up the elimination of odors. At the same time, pineapple can also emit bursts of fragrance. Of course, you can also place some orange peel, lemon peel and other items, but the effect of such items may not be effective soon.

2. Put more pots of vinegar water in the room, and you can also plant your favorite flowers in the room. Orchid, sedum, aloe, etc. are experts at absorbing formaldehyde, and their ability to absorb formaldehyde is super strong. For the bedroom, monstera is a natural scavenger and deodorant.

3. It is normal for the fabric sofa that you just bought to have a strange smell. As the formaldehyde in it has just been wholesaled from the manufacturer, the formaldehyde in it has not been exhausted, you can take appropriate tea, put it in unused stockings or wrap it with some gauze, and plug it into the gap of the sofa. This method can not only easily solve the problem of odors in fabric sofas, but also make people happy. This is because the aroma of scented tea is very good.

4. In addition to using packaged tea to remove odors, there are even simpler methods. It is possible to go back to the market and buy the appropriate bamboo charcoal bag or use the deodorant in the refrigerator directly. Due to the thin structure of bamboo charcoal, the role of natural adsorption of odor is that fabric sofas have a direct nemesis.

These removal methods mentioned above are more practical, and can be tried for friends who use fabric sofas. Of course, in daily life, in addition to knowing how to remove odors from fabric sofas, you must also understand how odors occur in fabric sofas, so that you can better use fabric sofas.