How to clean the sofa in a quick way?

 Exquisite furniture can add a lot to the home, but when it comes to furniture cleaning, it is estimated that many friends will have headaches. The carpet was sprinkled with drinks, the sofa was stained with oil, and the wooden table was scratched... Everything made people want to cry. Today, Bao Tian will share with you the little tricks that make the furniture look new.
Fabric Sofa
The daily cleaning of the electric recliner fabric sofa does not need to be disassembled at all. You only need a rolling pin, a towel and a bottle of alcohol. Pour 75% alcohol into the watering can, then evenly spray the rag, then spread the rag on the sofa and press it a few times. If you want the effect to be more noticeable, you can use the stick to hit the rag, or wipe it gently, and the dust on the sofa will disappear. The reason is: by tapping, the dust in the sofa is ejected, and at the same time it can be adsorbed on the rag that is wet with alcohol.
Plush Sofa
How to clean the leather sectional sofa? I believe this is also a puzzling problem. After all, improper cleaning can easily fade or harden the plush. Prepare an empty plastic bottle, put half a bottle of water in the bottle, then add some alcohol, appropriate amount of white vinegar, baking soda and fabric softener, shake and mix evenly. Spray the prepared mixture against the sofa, and the dust and stains will disappear with a brush. After the cleaning agent has evaporated, use the brush to smooth the surface of the sofa, and the sofa will look like the new one!
Leather Sofa
The leather sofa is the most delicate furniture. The choice of cleaning products needs to be cautious. It is recommended to choose a special leather cleaning solution. For stains with small stains, you can slightly damp the rag and wipe with some soap. Be sure to choose a mild, natural soap, because too strong soap can damage the cortex.
For the case of serious stains, it is recommended that you prepare a bottle of leather cleaner, which can quickly wipe off the stains and restore the surface of the top grain leather sofa. It is also very convenient to use!
Wooden Sofa
Wooden sofas are easy to scratch, how can we make wooden furniture flat and shiny again? Mix the white vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil and pour them into a small bottle. When you use it, squeeze it and rub it. The sofa will immediately become shiny and the scratches will disappear by 80%.
When wiping the floating ash on a wooden sofa, it is best to use tea water. Collect the leftover tea bags and pour them into the bucket to add water. Use a soft rag to wipe the wooden sofa and wooden floor. Not only can it be cleaned, but also the wooden furniture can be cured. It is bright for one month and leaves the fragrance of the tea leaves.
Most people like to use detergent to clean the furniture, but detergent is not as "we can wipe everything", because detergents generally have a certain degree of corrosiveness, which will cause certainty to the sofa. Damage, so everyone should choose the right cleaning agent when cleaning the sofa.
A beautifully clean and functional sofa that will definitely enhance your happiness in life.
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