Fabric sharp sofa, leather sofa and wooden sofa, which is better?

The house decoration, the living room is a place that can't be ignored. We have to consider the TV background wall, pay attention to the sofa background wall, and don't forget the sofa. How to choose the living room sofa?
1, fabric sharp sofa
Fabric sofas are the choice of many families, especially the popular linen fabrics. The fabric sofa is simple in shape, refreshing and comfortable, suitable for a variety of decoration styles. Cloth fabrics are not resistant to dirt, they are easy to stain, and it is not convenient to clean. It will fade after a long time. If you wash too much, it will look old. Fabric sofas have many colors and need to be more accurate in color. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a light color system, it looks more advanced, you can also use some bright colors to embellish, which is more style. For a small family, it is recommended to choose a high-corner fabric sofa, which will appear to be a wide space.

2, top grain leather sofa
Leather sofas are more graded and more expensive. The leather sofa is comfortable to sit and easy to clean everyday. However, the leather sofa is slightly delicate and easy to be scratched. If you have children at home, or if you have pets, it is not recommended to use a leather sofa and scrap the set in minutes.
The texture of the leather sofa is very good, giving people a sense of wealth, generally suitable for European and American styles of decoration, generally suitable for large-scale selection. The leather sofa is well cleaned, but it must be maintained regularly, otherwise it will not be durable.

3, suede sofa
The suede sofa is a branch of the fabric, the surface is delicate and soft, and the touch is comfortable. However, this type of sofa has a tendency to fall down as the use time becomes longer, and the durability is not high.
4, wooden sofa
Undoubtedly, this kind of sofa is suitable for Chinese style, classical temperament, and overall simple and simple atmosphere. It is a must for Chinese decoration. The durability is absolutely very good, that is, the comfort is poor.
Fabric sofas are moderately priced and more optional. Leather sofas, suede sofas and wooden sofas are more expensive and more style-conscious.